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日本法政大学(Hosei University)Jianhua Ma教授学术报告通知
撰稿人:陈淑红     发布时间:2017年2月25日 09:12
题目: Cybermatics: Cyber Science and Technology for Cyber-enabled Worlds
时间: 2017年3月1日(星期三)下午4:30-5:30
地点: 广州大学行政西楼前座四楼427会议室
报告人: Jianhua Ma教授 日本法政大学(Hosei University)

Cyberspace is evolving to become an integral part of our daily life, and affects our lives in many ways every day. Cyber world refers to a complete new digital world on the cyberspace where digital things, i.e., cyber entities, reside and function under a global communication and computational infrastructure. Following the trends of Computerization and Informatization, the next emerging trend is Cyberization, in which numerous cyber entities will be synthesized or generated by computers, and almost all ordinary things/entities in physical, social and mental worlds may also be cyberized to possess corresponding cyber entities as mappings, counterparts or components existing in the cyber-enabled worlds. It is thus necessary to establish a holistic and trans-disciplinary field, which we have called Cybermatics, to build systematic knowledge about new phenomena, behaviors, properties and practices in the cyberspace, cyberization and cyber-enabled hyper worlds. Cybermatics can be regarded as Cyber Science and related cyber technologies, which cover five basic aspects: (1) Cyber Physical Computing; (2) Cyber Social Computing; (3) Cyber Intelligence/Mind; (4) Cyber Life/Creature; (5) Cyber Security/Safety. Cybermatics can be seen as a more comprehensive field to aggregate diverse emerging research areas including smart things, IoT, cyber physical systems, social networking, green computing, cloud/fog computing, big data, hybrid intelligence, digital brain, digital clone, Web science, Internet science, cyber ecology, cyber privacy, etc.

Jianhua Ma is a professor in the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan. He served as the head of Digital Media Department of Hosei University in 2011-2012. He has more than 30 years’ experience in networking and computing. His research interests include multimedia, networking, ubiquitous/pervasive computing, social computing, wearable technology, IoT, VR/AR, cyber life and cyber intelligence. Ma is a pioneer in research on Cyber World (CW), and a co-initiator of the first international symposium on Cyber World. He has conducted several unique CW-related projects including the cyber individual (Cyber-I), which was featured by and highlighted on the front page of IEEE Computing Now in 2011. He first proposed ubiquitous intelligence (UI) towards a smart world (SW), which he envisioned in 2004, and was featured in the European ID People Magazine in 2005. Ma has published more than 250 papers, co-authored/edited over 15 books and 25 journal special issues, delivered over 25 keynote speeches at international conferences, organized many international conferences and co-founded IEEE conferences on Smart World (SW), Cyber Science and Technology (CyberSciTech), Cyber Physical and Social Computing (CPSCom), Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC), Dependable, Trust and Secure Computing (DASC), and the Internet of Things (iThings). He is a Chair of IEEE Technical Committee on Cybermatics, and a Chair of IEEE Technical Committee on Smart World.