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美国斯坦福大学Bebo White教授应邀来我校讲学
撰稿人:彭滔、陈淑红     发布时间:2018年3月23日 10:00
3月22日下午,美国斯坦福大学(SLAC Stanford University, USA)Bebo White教授应邀在我校文逸楼210A&B(GLN国际互动视频教室)给计算机学院师生作了一场题为“Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (observations, status, impact and future)”的精彩报告。会议由计算机学院王国军副院长主持。报告中Bebo White 教授介绍了比特币及其他加密货币对未来的社会、商业和技术的影响,并讨论了区块链/分布式账本技术中的一些关键问题。Bebo White教授提出区块链可能成为新一代互联网的基础,并有可能开拓继大型机、个人电脑、互联网、云计算之后的下一个重要科技时代。Bebo White教授生动的报告与独到的见解,激发了现场师生的浓烈兴趣,大家积极踊跃地提问和探讨,Bebo White教授耐心解答并提出相关建议。整场讲座气氛热烈,开拓了老师和学生们的学术研究视野,让师生受益匪浅。

Bebo White (Distinguished Speaker, ACM) is currently a Departmental Associate (Emeritus Professor) at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the basic energy science and high-energy physics laboratory operated by Stanford University. Prior to retirement he worked at SLAC as a Computational Physicist and Senior Computing Information Systems Analyst. He is also a Visiting Professor of Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong. While his initial responsibilities at SLAC were in computational physics, in recent years Professor White's work has been dominated by his involvement with World Wide Web technology. He first became involved with WWW development while on sabbatical at CERN in 1989 and was instrumental in establishing the first non-European Web site at SLAC in 1991. Professor White has lectured and spoken internationally to academic and commercial audiences. He is the author of eight books and over one hundred journal/proceedings articles. In addition, he has been actively involved with the planning and execution of five major international conference series: The International World Wide Web Conference, The International Conference on Web Engineering, The IADIS International Conference on WWW/Internet, The International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning, and The Web Science Conference. His current research interests include The Internet of Things, Cybercurrencies/Bitcoin and Blockchain, The Future of User Interaction Design, and Social Media in Education.