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美国福德汉姆大学(Fordham University, USA)Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan博士学术报告通知
撰稿人:彭滔     发布时间:2018年5月7日 10:10
题目: Network Health Monitoring and Treatment Against Cyber Attacks in Internet of Things (IoT)
时间: 2018年05月11日(星期五)下午14:00-16:00
地点: 广州大学行政西楼前座428(学院会议室)
报告人: Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan博士,美国福德汉姆大学(Fordham University, USA)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of things (devices/nodes) embedded with sensors and connectivity that enables these things to connect and exchange/upload their collected data in order to make decisions on events of interest. However, these are often interrupted when there is a lack of network health monitoring (devices being compromised, link compromised, unexpected data communication) due to cyber security attacks in the IoT networks. Thus, one of the key mechanisms underlying the IoT is the monitoring of the network health itself. Though we have tendency to upload the data for cloud computing, it is tough to deal with cloud-based network health monitoring due to real-time detection and communication cost locally. Unlike previous work, we attempt to propose LocalMain, a new scheme of local health monitoring and possible treatment in IoT networks. LocalMain combines health monitoring operations with monitoring operations of a mobile event of interest in a manner that is both energy and latency-efficient. LocalMain performs four-level local health monitoring tasks: IoT device self-anomaly monitoring, nonboring device health monitoring, monitoring of links, and monitoring of suspicious data exchange. To achieve the monitoring of the event efficiently, LocalMain conducts a prompt local treatment when one of the above issues occurs. Comprehensive evaluations via both simulations and real-world experiments are conducted to validate the effectiveness of LocalMain.

Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan, PhD, is currently an Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the Fordham University, NY, USA, the Founding Director of Fordham Dependable and Secure System Lab (DependSys). Earlier, he worked as an Assistant Professor at the Temple University. His research focuses on dependability, cyber security, big data, and cyber physical systems. He has over 120 papers published in prestigious venues, including top tier IEEE/ACM transactions/magazines. He has served as a lead guest/associate editor for IEEE TBD, ACM TCPS, INS, FGCS, IEEE IoT journal, Cluster Computing, TJCA, and so on. He has also served as an organizer, general chair, program chair, workshop chair, and TPC member of various international conferences, including IEEE INFOCOM. He has received the IEEE TCSC Award for Early Career Research Excellence (2016-2017) and the IEEE Outstanding Leadership Awards (2016, 2017) and IEEE Service Award (2017). He is a senior member of IEEE and a member of ACM.