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英国埃塞克斯大学(University of Essex, UK)Kun Yang教授应邀来我院做报告
撰稿人:彭滔     发布时间:2018年09月27日 21:24
9月27日上午10:30-12:00,英国埃塞克斯大学(University of Essex, UK)Kun Yang教授应邀在广州大学行政西楼前座428会议室给计算机学院的师生做了题为“ Close Collaboration between Communications and Computation in Future Networks”的学术报告。会议由计算机学院副院长王国军教授主持。
报告中Kun Yang教授就目前的移动互联网(包括5G)虽然支持三重播放服务(文本、语音、视频),但不支持触觉或嗅觉的传输和呈现来展开报告。在移动网络上实施触觉5G和触觉互联网的推动下,本报告首先介绍了任何ICT系统中两个重要资源密切协作的必要性,即通信和计算。 然后,提出了一种新的移动网络架构,包括移动边缘计算和Cloud-RAN(无线接入网络),旨在实现这种紧密协作。在此基础上他给出了一个实现该融合的实验平台和一个联合通信和计算的资源分配算法。在场师生对Kun Yang教授的精彩报告产生了兴趣并踊跃提问。Kun Yang教授详细解答了师生们在通信与计算紧密结合方面的问题并给出相应的指导和建议,让我院师生受益匪浅。澳大利亚悉尼科技大学Wanlei Zhou教授和国防科技大学彭伟教授参与了此次报告,并做了很好的交互。

Kun Yang (杨鲲) obtained his PhD from the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering of University College London (UCL), UK, and his MSc and BSc degrees were both from Jilin University. He is currently a Chair Professor and the Head of Network Convergence Laboratory (NCL) in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex, UK. He is also an affiliated professor at UESTC, China. Before joining in the University of Essex at 2003, he worked at UCL on several EU research projects such as FAIN, MANTRIP, CONTEXT in the area of IP network management, active networks and context-aware services. Now his main research interests focus on heterogeneous wireless networks, future Internet architecture and mobile computing, etc. He has published more than 100 journal papers and books, in addition to 100+ major conference papers. He manages research projects funded by EU FP7/H2020 (such as the EVANS, iCIRRUS projects), EPSRC (e.g., PANDA, PAL, DANCER), and industries such as British Telecom (e.g., MOSE). He serves on the editorial boards of both IEEE and non-IEEE journals (Wiley or Springer).