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美国纽约高盛集团(Goldman Sachs, in New York, USA)Zhiqian Xu博士应邀到我院作学术报告
撰稿人:郭颖     发布时间:2019年6月6日 9:35

6月4日下午4:00-5:30,美国纽约高盛集团(Goldman Sachs, in New York, USA)Zhiqian Xu博士应邀在广州大学行政西前座428会议室给计算机科学网络与工程学院师生们做了一场题为“Anonymous Access and User Revocation System using ABS in Cloud Environment”的学术报告。报告由我院副院长王国军教授主持。
报告中,Zhiqian Xu博士首先介绍了云计算、云数据存储一些基本情况、现有优势,以及目前云存储中敏感数据的访问控制的两种方法。并且对数据保护机制ABE,两种ABE算法及其局限性,进行了详细介绍。另外,重点介绍基于属性的签名方案(ABS),它不仅保护了用户的机密性,而且具有细粒度的访问策略,在用户标识和授权过程中自动执行。因此,ABS可用于匿名访问控制,允许用户在不透露身份的情况下签署消息。最后介绍了ABE模式下通用用户撤销系统设计、可信度以及安全性,以及ABS动态用户撤销模型的设计。报告开展的过程中,全体师生都非常积极地参与讨论,对报告中涉及到的匿名用户撤销是否需要重新对组内用户信息加密、用户进行匿名签名时,能否有效验证用户身份等问题进行热烈的讨论。

Zhiqian Xu received her B.S. degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China, M.A. degree from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA, and Ph.D. degree at Royal Holloway, University of London. She is a Vice President at Goldman Sachs, in New York, USA.
Zhiqian’s research topics include data access control and privacy protection in cloud environments. She has published 11 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings. Her current research interests include attribute-based cryptography, homomorphic encryption, anonymous access control, and data protection in cloud environments.
Zhiqian also has more than 20-year industry experience as a software developer and information security professional. Her major skills include application and data security design and architecture, risk management, application penetration test and vulnerability management, security governance and strategy/framework development, IT project management, software development and support.