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澳大利亚斯威本科技大学(Swinburne University of Technology)Sheng Wen副教授应邀来我院做学术报告
撰稿人:黄敏杰     发布时间:2019年07月12日 10:35

7月9日下午4:00-5:30, 澳大利亚斯威本科技大学(Swinburne University of Technology)Sheng Wen副教授应邀在广州大学行政西前座428会议室给计算机科学网络与工程学院师生们做了一场题为“Industry 4.0: When Blockchain Comes Close to It”的学术报告。报告由我院彭滔博士主持。在报告中,Sheng Wen博士首先介绍Industry 4.0是利用信息化技术促进产业变革的时代,也是智能化时代,然后详细介绍了Industry 4.0具有虚拟化、模块性、互用性等六种设计原则,并指出在Industry 4.0时代中影响价值链的各个方面。Sheng Wen博士重点介绍区块链在Industry 4.0的数据信任与隐私保护方面的重要作用,如在身份验证、信息通信、根据Industry 4.0场景修改准时制/顺序制循环等。总结出区块链在Industry 4.0和物联网(IoT)背景下具有快速、不可视、低风险等优点,然后给出了区块链在化工和3D打印技术中的两个详细应用实例。报告开展的过程中,全体师生对在中国政策下区块链的应用、数据安全与隐私等问题进行了深入讨论。

Dr. Sheng Wen received his PhD degree from Deakin University, Melbourne, in October 2014. Currently, he has been working full-time as a senior lecturer (A/P in US) in Swinburne University of Technology. Before this, he first worked as a research fellow and then a Lecturer in Computer Science in the School of Information Technology at Deakin University from the year of 2015. Dr. Wen manages several research projects in the last three years. Since late 2014, Dr. Wen has received over four million Australia Dollars’ funding from both academia and industries as co-/Chief Investigator (CI), including ARC Linkage Projects and CSRIO-Defence Joint Projects. Dr. Wen is now the Program Leader for System Security & Blockchain in Swinburne Cybersecurity Lab and Blockchain Innovation Lab. He is leading a medium-size research team in the system security area. This team includes Dr. Wen, eight Ph.D. students in Swinburne as co-/supervisors and three Honours students. Dr Wen has published over seventy fully-refereed papers in prestigious journals and leading conferences. He has also edited three books and seven journal special issues. In particular, Dr Wen has published forty fully refereed high-quality journal articles. Among these articles, fifteen articles are published in the most prestigious IEEE or ACM Transactions. Due to his outstanding performance in research, he was selected as the representative young scientist in Australia parliament (2015). Sheng is leading a blockchain project with AUSTRAC to stop money laundering in Australia. The collaboration with AUSTRAC is significant and has been reported in top blockchain related media like `bitcoin’ website. He has also been selected as the cyber security expert in SBS channel to deliver security related knowledge and comment on security related event to the mass. His research impact not only contributes to his own academic reputation, but also promotes the reputation of Swinburne University in Australia.