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意大利那不勒斯大学Aniello Castiglione博士应邀到我院作学术报告
撰稿人:李敏     发布时间:2019年11月16日 20:00
11月15日下午4:00-5:00,意大利那不勒斯大学Aniello Castiglione博士应邀在广州大学行政西前座428会议室给计算机科学与网络工程学院的师生们做了一场题为“Can the IoT really improve our lives? A wearable and light-weight solution for our daily safety.”的学术报告。会议由我院副院长王国军教授主持。
报告中,针对现有的城市安全措施不足够、不全面的问题,物联网如何为大众提供更多的安全防护措施?目前现有的解决方案是使用可穿戴设备,但可穿戴设备大多都依赖于手机设备。为了解决紧急求助中的手机设备无法隐藏、电源储备不足等问题,Aniello Castiglione博士为我们介绍了他们在可穿戴设备的设计方案方面做出的一些相关研究,及最新的相关技术及物联网构件,如:IoT 传感器、工业物联网(IIoT)、低功耗无线局网络(LPWAN)、窄带物联网(NB-IoT)、eSIM卡、eUICC等。
最后,Aniello Castiglione博士总结,如今国家和人民对于安全保障问题越来越重视,结合智能设备和IoT来实现更好的安全保障是很有必要的。但现有技术仍然存在很多问题,政策和世界性的标准与现有技术的结合在该研究领域是很有必要的。

Aniello Castiglione , Aniello Castiglione received the PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Salerno, Italy. Actually, he is Assistant Professor at the University of Naples "Parthenope", Italy. He received two Italian national qualifications as Associate Professor in Computer Science. He published around 210 papers in international journals and conferences. He served in the organization (mainly as Program Chair and TPC member) in around 260 international conferences. He served as a reviewer for around 110 international journals and was the Managing Editor of two ISI-ranked international journals. He acted as a Guest Editor in around 20 Special Issues and served as an Editor in around 10 Editorial Boards of international journals. In 2014, one of his paper (pub. on IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing) has been selected as "Featured Article" in the "IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative", while in 2018 another paper (pub. on IEEE Cloud Computing) has been selected as "Featured Article" in the "IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative". According to the Web of Science "Essential Science Indicators" (by Clarivate Analytics), one of his paper (pub. on IEEE Transactions on Computers) was awarded as "Highly Cited Paper" and "Research Front" paper since it was placed in the top 1% of academic field of Computer Science in the time interval November-December 2017. His current research interests include Information Forensics, Digital Forensics, Security and Privacy on Cloud, Communication Networks, Applied Cryptography and Sustainable Computing. He is a member of several associations, including IEEE and ACM